Career Counseling for the students of East Calcutta Girls' College

Career Counseling session, the quintessential part of the Placement Cell of East Calcutta Girls' College whose goal is to make our students Self- dependent in their life, works as a bridge for the students between their ongoing Academic career and future Professional career. Here, with measured steps, we sit down with our aspiring students with the purpose of extracting from them their future goals, make them understand about the relevance of their ambition in this present stiff competitive world before finally making them Job - ready.

Through these sessions we try to inject Confidence, Motivation & Inspiration in the aspirants as they are mentored to develop their English Communication skill and gain a refined Personality.

With the thought of empowering the students, We have already brought Global India Consultants, a well known MNC, to provide a Campus Drive to our students, some of whom have already been recruited by them in the profile of HR Recruiter & we are also trying to hold talks with various other companies to present A Vast World of Opportunities to our students for them to make a name for themselves.